[FFmpeg-devel] Suggested change for encrypted video

Don Moir donmoir at comcast.net
Thu Oct 27 03:03:38 CEST 2011

per Michael:
>ive added some flags locally, ill push them in main git in a moment
>thanks for your report.

Thanks for this and works good. I am not quite sure though what all I should 
be checking

I have something like this:

AVDictionaryEntry* pProtectedEntry = av_dict_get 
if (pProctectedEntry == NULL)
    pProctededEntry = av_dict_get 

if (pProtectedEntry)
    report_protected (pProtectedEntry);

The remaining details are not quite clear. Like possibility of further 
checks etc. Seems to work well enough with the above though.

Are the well known dictionary keys documented somewhere ?

> This AVFMT_FLAG_ENCRYPTED requirement started because of a crash I
> was getting on a file that was encrypted. This crash has been
> reported as being fixed.
> You can read about the crash on an encrypted file here:
> https://avcodec.org/trac/ffmpeg/ticket/495
> The above ticket also has a couple links and  attachments for an
> encrypted file.
> Still, it's obvious to me, that an application should know if a
> video is encrypted or not, and might fail. The word 'might' may be
> kind of a loose term. I supposed depending on decoder you may not
> actually know, but maybe decoder should be able to provide that info
> and if it can't decode it then just fail the open.

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