[FFmpeg-devel] Apple Prores Encoder

Wasserman Anatoliy anatoliy.wasserman at yandex.ua
Fri Oct 28 22:43:57 CEST 2011


I have developed Apple Prores Encoder.
It has rate-control for 4 profiles: 'apch' - 185mbps, 'apcn' - 112mbps, 'apcs' - 75mbps, 'apco' - 36mbps.
The profiles are triggered from ffmpeg command line via '-profile' option ( 0 - apco, 1 - apcs, 2 - apcn, 3 - apch), the default profile is apch.
It accepts yuv422p10le pix format frames.
It's not yet multithreaded.

- make fate passes
- signed off
- compiles standalone

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