[FFmpeg-devel] html5 encode support

Takis Issaris takis.issaris at uhasselt.be
Tue Jan 10 14:58:19 CET 2012


2011/12/31 Brian Quandt <brian.quandt at gmail.com>:
> Thought I'd ask everyone instead of pestering Baptiste C all the time.
> Is anyone working on html5 (applehttp) encode support, ie specifically
> realtime/live (generation of segmented files, plus a dynamic/rolling
> playlist)?

Yes. I've written code which uses ffmpeg to do this (not the
dynamic/rolling playlist though), and have the intention of getting it
integrated in FFmpeg. I haven't started integrating it yet though, as
I want to get the HLS seeking patches in shape for inclusion first.
But, I have been a bit busy, and haven't gotten around to that either.

> I know you can use ffmpeg in combo with the apple segmenter (on apple)
> but was wondering if the functionality has been brought inside of
> ffmpeg yet.
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