[FFmpeg-devel] Artifacts in VP8

Andy Bell allbabel at gmail.com
Fri Jul 27 18:37:40 CEST 2012

Hi All,

I am encoding a VP8 stream using a Windows builds from
Zeronae, 20120612-git-728f86e-win32.  If I try to decode the same stream on
Android with any new revision I get small artifacts in the image, little
black blocks basically.  If I roll back to say version 0.8.10 from the
FFMPEG site the video is fine, if I try with 0.11.1 then I get the problem.
 The same problem occurs in the latest git revisions as well.

I know this may be difficult to answer but what could have changed from
0.8.10 to the present that would cause these small black blocks?

I am using the following to configure FFMPEG:

/configure --target-os=linux \
    --disable-doc \
    --disable-ffmpeg \
    --disable-ffplay \
    --disable-ffprobe \
    --disable-ffserver \
    --disable-avfilter \
    --disable-everything \
    --enable-decoder=vp8 \
    --enable-libvpx \
    --enable-cross-compile \
    --prefix=$PREFIX \
    --enable-cross-compile \
    --enable-pic \
    --extra-libs="-lgcc" \
    --arch=arm \
    --cc=$PREBUILT/bin/arm-linux-androideabi-gcc \
    --cross-prefix=$PREBUILT/bin/arm-linux-androideabi- \
    --nm=$PREBUILT/bin/arm-linux-androideabi-nm \
    --sysroot=$PLATFORM \
    --extra-cflags=" -O3 -fpic -DANDROID -DHAVE_SYS_UIO_H=1
-Dipv6mr_interface=ipv6mr_ifindex -fasm -Wno-psabi -fno-short-enums
-fno-strict-aliasing -finline-limit=300 $OPTIMIZE_CFLAGS " \
    --extra-ldflags="-Wl,-rpath-link=$PLATFORM/usr/lib -L$PLATFORM/usr/lib
-nostdlib -lc -lm -ldl -llog"

Thanks in advance, Andy

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