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Stefano Sabatini stefasab at gmail.com
Sat Jul 28 12:23:36 CEST 2012

On date Saturday 2012-07-28 11:12:07 +0200, David Keller encoded:
> The wiki page for libavfilter seems a little outdated, as a lot of the
> links listed there simply do not work anymore,
> http://wiki.multimedia.cx/index.php?title=Libavfilter.
> Is there an updated feature wish list listing, for instance, missing
> filters that should be ported and such?

For a generic wanted features list:

For the missing libmpcodecs filters, check the libavfilter/libmpcodecs
directory. Some filters have been ported but have not been yet removed
from the libmpcodecs directory for various reasons (performance
issues, missing features).

Amongst the filters requested on trac, there is the pullup filter, but
that's quite complex, and I have already a working PSNR comparison
filter but I didn't committed for some design/interface concerns which
I had.

As for what regards the list of libmpcodecs filters, see below:
* decimate: I have already a port of this (in the archive), but there are some
  issues related to the request API
* denoise3d: should be OK, although possibly superseded by hqdn3d
* detc
* dint: superseded by yadif, or still somewhat useful?
* divtc
* down3dright
* dsize: possibly overriden by setdar, we may consider to remove it
  once porting the (missing?) features
* eq2: possibly useful
* eq: possibly useful, I have already a local port of this, possibly
  superseded by eq2 or geq so I didn't yet posted this
* field: possily useful
* fil: possibly useful?
* fixpts: maybe overriden by setpts? or could be implemented as a
  wrapper around it
* framestep: overriden by select, could be implemented as a wrapper
  around it
* fspp
* geq: useful
* harddup
* hqdn3d: we already ported this, we could remove the wrapper already,
  considering that the native filters has been received already more
  attention than the MPlayer filter
* hue: mostly useful for interactive use (which we still don't
  support), may require some syntax change
* il
* ilpack
* ivtc
* kerndeint
* mcdeint
* noise
* ow
* palette: useful?
* perspective: I ported this at some point, but get stuck with it, you
  can find the patch on the archive
* phase: possibly useful
* pp: was ported to lavfi IIRC, should we drop it?
* pp7: can't say which is the difference with 
* pullup: trac request for it, but apparently rather complex, the
  current wrapper is broken
* qp
* rectangle: we have drawbox, we may drop it once we port the eventual
  (missing?) features
* rotate: superseded by transpose
* sab
* smartblur
* softpulldown
* softskip
* spp
* telecine
* tile: superseded by native tile, should we drop it?
* tinterlace: already ported, I'm not dropping it because the mp
  wrapper is faster, so I wanted to optimize the native implementation
* unsharp: already ported
* uspp: useful?
* yuvcsp
* yvu9: I'm not sure this is useful at all, we may consider to just
  drop this

Finally, I'd recommend the port of one of these filters:

Note that I can't comment on the internal implemention of these
filters, the list has been created based on a quick reading of the
mplayer docs.
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