[FFmpeg-devel] Live streaming of VP8

Marcos Mello marcosfrm at gmail.com
Mon Jun 11 14:54:48 CEST 2012

James Zern <jzern <at> google.com> writes:

> VBR is the default if you avoid setting min=max=bitrate.
> Quality and deadline are codec options, '-deadline 1' has the same
> meaning as '-quality realtime'.
> From code the easiest way to set these is probably av_set_opt [1].
>     av_opt_set_double(_codecContext->priv_data, "max-intra-rate", 90, 0);
>     av_opt_set(_codecContext->priv_data, "quality", "realtime", 0);
> It was attached to the mail thread, but has been pulled into the main
> repository, so a git pull will include it.
> > Is there support in FFMPEG to force a key frame as there is in libvpx?
> >
> There's support generally yes via -force_key_frames. The attached adds
> support to libvpxenc. If you get into forcing other frames like
> golden, etc. you might be better served by using libvpx directly.
> [1]

Thanks for both patches James. Can you please document the new options in
doc/encoders.texi? It will help users (like me :-) a lot.



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