[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH 3/3] two functions were declaredinlinebut were referenced elsewhere

J. Bohl jbohl at jbohl.de
Thu Jun 14 01:38:28 CEST 2012

>> I published the sources on http://winffmpeg.codeplex.com/ .
>Am I correct that it is impossible to port your changes to - for
example - today's version of FFmpeg?
>Or do I miss something obvious (I am not used to codeplex)?

I regret, I think you are correct. This would have to be done manually
(creating a diff to the ffmpeg-release-0.11 branch, and applying that
diff to the trunk) - that's how I am currently doing it.
To tell the truth, I am new to git, so I went with what I am familiar
with - TFS. And I started with "make it compile, no matter what" and am
now working backwards somewhat (reduce changes, post some changes into
the original codebase, trying to make the configure/makefile build
environment work).
If it is helpful I could prepare a complete patch for all changes (wrt
to 0.11 branch) and publish it.
On the other hand, the more I learn about git the more I like it; maybe
I get around to publish a git clone (as you have suggested) at some
point. But I still have a lot to learn, that's for sure...



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