[FFmpeg-devel] Consultancy needed on video / audio encoding / transport & storage

Tim Pearson trpearsona at gmail.com
Wed Jun 20 12:53:29 CEST 2012

Hello ffmpeg-devel mailing list,

I am Tim Pearson working on a new development. I am one of several older 
techies who have been around for decades and amongst other things our 
team has taken previous companies to IPO.

Although expert in a wide range of technical subjects (from building 
serious underwater robots to clean rooming a PC bios) we are anything 
but expert in video and audio.

Over the last ten years our main interest has been www.alamy.com one of 
the first online stock photography companies - Alamy has given more than 
80% of its profits to charity over the last ten years mainly in the 
areas of Education and Medical research. (Though being engineers and 
scientists we have actually set up our own non-for profit medical lab! 
So if you want to know about replicating picogram quantities of DNA then 
we can help!!)

Anyway our new development needs some help and guidance on encoding, 
storage and transport of live-ish video/audio streams. We may at some 
point want to have an expert hack around inside the workings of an 
encoder to help generate some additional information but for the moment 
we just want someone experienced and imaginative in the areas of formats 
/ transport and storage to point us in the right direction and talk 
through our design decisions.

Obviously we will pay the going rate.

We would like to find someone available fairly immediately.

We are all based in the UK but don't care where in the world you are.

Please drop me an email if you are interested.

(trpearsona at gmail dot com)

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