[FFmpeg-devel] new logging functionality

Martin Carroll martin.carroll at alcatel-lucent.com
Fri Jun 29 21:27:22 CEST 2012

 > why dont you just use a log level that is sufficiently high ?

I want to write a log message that prints out regardless of what the log 
happens to be set to.  To make that happen I have to write:

         av_log(NULL, av_log_get_level(), ...);

I got tired of writing that a billion times, so I implemented a helper 


that does it for me.

I would be happy to submit the patches for any subset of

         1. Forced log messages
         2. Thread-id logging
         3. Indentation for dynamic call graph

(although 2 and 3 really go together).  Just let me know what you would 


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