[FFmpeg-devel] on the hard state of ffmpeg command line options

Nicolas George nicolas.george at normalesup.org
Thu Nov 1 00:02:09 CET 2012

Le decadi 10 brumaire, an CCXXI, Roger Pack a écrit :
> If the input filename has spaces then you'd need embedded quotes, like
> you use today like -i video="USB Video Device" for directshow.  Would
> look like
> -input_full="video=\"USB Video Device\" -r 10 -f dshow" or the like I suppose.
> No need to apologize, just debating ideas :)

At this point, you have to stop and think: this is only the second technical
issue raised, and to solve it you already made your solution more complex
than what it is supposed to replace. It probably means there is a basic flaw

IMHO, the flaw is that you are trying to find a technical solution to an
human problem: people not reading the docs and expecting that everything
works as they expect.

Audio-video encoding is a difficult area, with a lot of different
situations. People need to understand what is going on, or they will get
very poor results. Figuring out how to express their needs with a
command-line syntax is but a tiny part of that.


  Nicolas George
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