[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH 1/2] mips: Add dependencies on HAVE_INLINE_ASM

Babic, Nedeljko nbabic at mips.com
Fri Nov 2 14:39:53 CET 2012

Hi and sorry for the late response.

As my colleague mentioned, I was not working last more than two weeks...

Regarding comments on patch:

I wanted to make these files useful for all codecs that use them and since 
these entire files depend on HAVE_INLINE_ASM to compile them only in that case 
(like it was suggested for AC3 FP decoder patch), but I was mistaking...

As Vitor noted, if this patch is applied, code would not compile correctly without
HAVE_INLINE_ASM activated. The problem is that in those files appropriate init 
functions are defined and they are used in files that don't depend on 

One solution to this would be to make things dependant on A && B using 
intermediate in Makefile as suggested and to check if HAVE_INLINE_ASM is activated 
on places where functions are called. I am not sure if this is good solution because 
we would have for example:
    if (ARCH_SH4)        ff_dsputil_init_sh4   (c, avctx);
    if (ARCH_BFIN)       ff_dsputil_init_bfin  (c, avctx);
    if (HAVE_MIPSFPU && HAVE_INLINE_ASM)    ff_dsputil_init_mips  (c, avctx);    

instead of:
    if (ARCH_SH4)        ff_dsputil_init_sh4   (c, avctx);
    if (ARCH_BFIN)       ff_dsputil_init_bfin  (c, avctx);
    if (HAVE_MIPSFPU)    ff_dsputil_init_mips  (c, avctx);

Instead of this I am thinking to move HAVE_INLINE_ASM dependencies back in files 
and to use #ifs in files for checking.

I will send patch with this changes for review.


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