[FFmpeg-devel] Bad audio DTSs in MXF clip

Jorge Acereda jacereda at brainstorm.es
Tue Nov 6 12:05:49 CET 2012


I've uploaded to the incoming folder a clip (bad_audio_dts.mxf) and a text describing the problem  (bad_audio_dts.txt). 

Looks like in that stream, the audio packet duration is fluctuating between a bit more than the timescale and a bit less. Due to the way libavformat/utils.c:compute_pkt_fields() rounds, it gets alternating durations 0 and 1 and that leads to bad timestamps.

I've included a patch in the text file (just changing the rounding mode to AV_ROUND_NEAR_INF).
Is that the right thing to do?

  Jorge Acereda

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