[FFmpeg-devel] Channel layouts

Nicolas George nicolas.george at normalesup.org
Mon Nov 12 00:08:58 CET 2012

Le primidi 21 brumaire, an CCXXI, Carl Eugen Hoyos a écrit :
> Sorry, is dual-mono a file with two one-channel streams 
> that should be interpreted as one stereo stream?

Sorry, I should not have used the word "file", always "stream": we are
always talking of the output of a single decoder.

> Or is that a stereo stream that actually contains 
> two mono streams (like dual-language on analog tv)?

It is a 2-channels stream that contains two (probably related) mono
recordings, one on each channel.

>		   (like dual-language on analog tv)?

Yes, just that.

It is not absurd to abuse a stereo encoder to encode that, because the
channel coupling will work for the music and effects if not for the speech.
But it can not be called stereo.


  Nicolas George
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