[FFmpeg-devel] mips: Optimization of AAC FP encoder [part 1]

Bojan Zivkovic bojan at mips.com
Thu Nov 22 14:11:52 CET 2012


AAC floating point encoder is optimized for MIPS platforms.
Attached are first 2 patches.

First patch contains changes in C code. Precisely, mathematical
functions from file libavcodec/aacpsy.c are changed with
faster ones. This patch results in speeding up encoding more
than 10 percents. Tested on x86 and MIPS.

Second patch contains optimization of AAC psychoacoustic model
functions. Parts of psy_3gpp_analyze_channel and psy_lame_window
functions are extracted into new functions - calc_thr_3gpp and 
psy_hp_filter - in order to make integration of optimizations
more elegant. These new functions are optimized.

Comments are welcome.

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