[FFmpeg-devel] Select the right format

Mark Himsley mark at mdsh.com
Sun Nov 25 17:41:12 CET 2012

Suppose I wanted to add more 8 bit YUV formats to be accepted by the
overlay filter.

I don't see how I can do it right now.

Because, for YUV, the MAIN and OVERLAY inputs have to match:
 yuv420p (or yuva420p [1]) on the MAIN with yuva420p on the OVERLAY

I want to add:
 yuv422p (or yuva422p) on the MAIN with yuva422p on the OVERLAY
 yuv444p (or yuva444p) on the MAIN with yuva444p on the OVERLAY

The only way I can see to enable those is to pass a 'format' argument to
the overlay filter.

Can anyone think of a more elegant method, before I start coding a
'format' argument method?

Thanks :-)

[1] if my patch is accepted

Mark Himsley

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