[FFmpeg-devel] dshow hang when device is unplugged

Don Moir donmoir at comcast.net
Wed Nov 28 01:24:45 CET 2012

dshow.c doesn't do any event handling. So if a device is unplugged it will hang in dshow_read_packet since the ctx->event will never be signaled.

As far as I know, event handling is the only way to catch an unplugged device that was plugged in.

See WaitForSingleObject (ctx->event,INFINITE) in dshow_read_packet.

This makes avdevice unusable for me so I looked into fixing it. A thread will be left hanging and app won't be able to close. I could close the thread but that doesn't solve the problem.

I took the least elegant but quickest way to fix it.

To struct dshow_ctx I added IMediaEvent *media_event;

Then in dshow_read_header I added:

IMediaEvent *media_event = NULL;

// right after IID_ImediaControl is retreived I added:

r = IGraphBuilder_QueryInterface (graph,IID_IMediaEvent,(void **),&media_event);
if (r != S_OK) {
    av_log(avctx,AV_LOG_ERROR,"Could not get media event.\n");
    goto error;
ctx->media_event = media_event.

Also added a release for media_event on close.

So now back to dshow_read_packet and WaitForSingleObject (ctx->event,INFINITE);

Changed WaitForSingleObject (ctx->event,INFINITE) to:

DWORD r = WaitForSingleObject (ctx->event,20);
if (r == WAIT_TIMEOUT) {
    int ret = 0;
    long event_code, param1, param2;
    while (IMediaEvent_GetEvent (ctx->media_event,&event_code,&param1,&param2) != E_ABORT) {
        switch (event_code)
        case EC_COMPLETE:
        case EC_DEVICE_LOST:
        case EC_ERROR_ABORT:
            ret = -1;
         IMediaEvent_FreeEventParams (event_code,param1,param2);
    if (ret < 0)
        return (-1);

Again the least elegant and probably least optimal but it was the quickest to do.

I will right this up as a ticket but I don't wish to waste time fighting with Carl about it. A consol app will close out the thread and no way to show it to you that way. There will be no backtrace etc.


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