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Nicolas George nicolas.george at normalesup.org
Wed Nov 28 16:14:15 CET 2012

[PATCH 1/6] lavu/channel_layout: document the semantic of layouts.
[PATCH 2/6] lavu/channel_layout: implement unknown layouts.
[PATCH 3/6] lavfi: fix invalid channel layouts.
[PATCH 4/6] lavc/mlpdec: reset layout when channels change.
[PATCH 5/6] lavc: do not pass unknown layouts to encoders.
[PATCH 6/6] ffmpeg_filter: use an unknown channel layout if

The purpose of this patch series is to get strange channel layouts working 
within the current API. It has some limits, and therefore will need rework
in the future.

The crux of the problem is this: in lavfi, the channel layout is mandatory
and authoritative. A simple channel count field was added recently, but
until the next major bump for lavfi, applications that use the
channel_layout field are completely valid and must be supported.


  Nicolas George

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