[FFmpeg-devel] Lipsync problems

JULIAN GARDNER joolzg at btinternet.com
Fri Nov 30 22:57:01 CET 2012

I posted a message over on the user mailing list, but i thought it might be best to bring it up here.

A recap, these problems showing up on live transcoding of DVB channels.

1. On the fly change in encoding of audio rate/channels ffmpeg goes into an
 error loop, BUT only if "-async 1" is used
2. Without "-async 1" i 
have 2 out of 3 channels with lipsync errors, i have a 80mb recording of
 this channel if you want a copy to see, or i could record 1GB and put 
on our ftp server for you to download?

I have restarted 3 channels, 1 with "-async 1" and two without, and will see when they start losing sync

So any ideas? Has any modifications been dont to the async system that may have been causing this.


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