[FFmpeg-devel] Expert for video converting and streaming wanted

Alexander Eberharter eberharter.alexander at gmail.com
Mon Aug 19 18:30:07 CEST 2013

We require guidance for developing a server application based on FFmpeg 
which is able to convert and stream files directly to a client 
application. The target machine is a windows server.

M-BOX (www.mbox.at) is a database tool written in Java and SQL Server 
for archiving multimedia data such as documents, images and video files. 
It is developed by M-BOX GmbH located in Schwaz, Austria. Our clients 
demand functionality to convert files at the server and maybe also 
stream them to the client application (without buffering the whole 
converted file on the server!).

Your job is to guide our development of an application which is capable 
of doing these things mentioned above. Input to the application are 
multimedia files of any common format the output should cover as many as 
possible of common multimedia formats.

Please reply to info at m-box.at <mailto:info at m-box.at> if you are interested

Alexander Eberharter
Innsbrucker Strasse 16
6130 Schwaz

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