[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH]Auto-detection for concat demuxer

Nicolas George nicolas.george at normalesup.org
Sat Feb 9 19:35:35 CET 2013

Le septidi 17 pluviôse, an CCXXI, Alexander Strasser a écrit :
>   I have no strong opinion on this but I tend to agree with Nicolas.
> IMHO as creative as all the solutions are to this point, don't they
> have to little benefit and very probably potential (future) issues we
> didn't think of yet?

Thanks for your input.

>   Also maybe I am missing something, but wouldn't it be easily possible
> for people that do have older concat files to add the signature to those
> existing files and have them properly auto-probed? (Assuming they do not
> need to access unsafe locations.)

Yes, they can do that easily. I do not expect them to, though: IMHO, they
would have deleted/archived the concat file along with the encode script.

If that is fine with everyone, I will push the patches as is in a few days.
Extra probing can be added later if it is done with a good
usefulness-complexity trade-off.

After that, I intend to work on seeking.


  Nicolas George
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