[FFmpeg-devel] Seeking ffmepg consulting - ffmpeg h263 output

David Bahar david at convorelay.com
Thu Feb 14 03:10:40 CET 2013

Good evening,

We are looking for a ffmpeg consultant to help us remedy an issue we are seeing where ffmpeg h263 output under ffmpeg 1.1 is now not playable by a soft phone we use. Output was previously playable under ffmpeg 0.11, and we have tried every variant of h263 with ffmpeg 1.1 to get the output playable without success. 

We'd like the developer to be able to work with us to resolve whatever the cause is for the incompatibility and push the fix, if applicable, to ffmpeg tree. 

I looked through the list of ffmpeg developers on http://www.ffmpeg.org/consulting.html but it was not readily apparent to me which individual would be the best one to work with, so I am sending my request to this mailing list.

Thanks in advance,

David J. Bahar
VP Government & Regulatory Affairs 
Chief Technology Officer 
# (925) 452-4745 
Convo™ | convorelay.com

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