[FFmpeg-devel] On libavfilter: A Summary of Issues

Jan Ehrhardt phpdev at ehrhardt.nl
Mon Feb 18 12:35:57 CET 2013

Clément Bœsch in gmane.comp.video.ffmpeg.devel (Mon, 18 Feb 2013
11:09:18 +0100):
>I've proposed various solutions. If no one wants to write that code, I can
>do it. I'm relatively familiar with lavfi and metadata, and the author of
>that filter.

I can't write the code without investing a lot of time in getting
thorough knowledge of lavfi, the ebur128 filter and the way metadata
injection is implemented. Reading the code often is not enough to
understand it, you have to play around with it to get a grasp on it.

If you can find time to write the code: please do. I will be happy to
test it and share my comments.


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