[FFmpeg-devel] [ANNOUNCE] FFMPEG::Effects-1.0 is Now On CPAN

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Tue Feb 19 00:01:43 CET 2013

FFMPEG::Effects Is A Perl Module That Facilitates The Use of 
FFMPEG Video Filters, and Aims to Simplify The Complex Filter Syntax.

FFMPEG::Effects Provides The Object-Oriented Framework to Build
Complex ffmpeg Command Lines That Create Titles Overlays And Fades.

Currently FFMPEG::Effects Allows A Person to Use A Simple Perl Script
To Create Title Splash Videos, (Fade In to Ttile, Fade Out), and Allows
a Person To Prepend A FadeIn to an Existing Video, and Likewise Append
A Fade Out At The End of An Existing Video.

All The Relevant Paramters Can Be Set, Including Color, Title Text, 
Fade In Frames, and Fade Out Frames.

FFMPEG::Effects Uses The Same Version Number as The ffmpeg Branch Release
That It Can Be Used With. So, FFMPEG::Effects-1.0 is for Use With
ffmpeg Branch Release 1.0.

This Module is Being Announced Here, but Will Be "Supported"
Through The ffmpeg-user mailing list.

BallCam Technologies Inc.

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