[FFmpeg-devel] [RFC] Google Summer of Code 2013

Lou Logan lou at lrcd.com
Fri Feb 22 07:48:23 CET 2013


It's GSoC time again, so I'll get the ball rolling:

I started a new ideas list:

Our previous list from 2012:

IRC log describing why we didn't get accepted last year:

Last years GSoC RFC:

To reduce bloat I did not simply copy last years idea list because I'm
not sure what is outdated or relevant. I left "Libavfilter extension"
as an example, but please begin adding new ideas or copying over
whatever you feel is acceptable (or you can tell me what you would like
copied and I can do it). You may have to contact Mike Melanson for wiki
account approval: mike at multimedia.cx.

I would like to keep all ideas in a consistent format. Application
reviewers seem fairly sensitive to the visual presentation in my

We can submit our mentoring organization application beginning March 18
and the deadline is March 29 at 19:00 UTC.


* Apologies for the duplicate message and noise, but I wanted this to
  be in its own thread.

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