[FFmpeg-devel] yadif relicensing

Robert Krüger krueger at lesspain.de
Fri Feb 22 17:40:45 CET 2013


I went through the commit logs of both mplayer svn and ffmpeg git and
this is the result.

Authors in chronological order of their first participation:
Michael Niedermayer	Original author, by far the most commits that are
not purely build-system, cosmetics or code maintenance
Uoti Urpala	One commit with new functionality
Loren Merrit	One significant performance optimization and some cosmetics
Diego Biurrun	13 commits, all of them code maintenance or build system
maintenance or cosmetics
Reimar Döffinger	11 commits including bugfixes, performance
improvements or preparations for them and code maintenance
Carl Eugen Hoyos	2 commits, both functional enhancements
Baptiste Coudurier	4 commits with functionality, quality and
performance enhancements
Stefano Sabatini	Basis of mplayer port + 8 commits with bugfixes, code
maintenance, error handling and functional enhancements
Mans Rullgard	2 code maintenance commits. Debatable if this falls
under legally significant accoring to gnu.org
Anton Khirnov	20+ commits with bugfixes and code maintenance
Luca Barbato	3 commits (bugfix functional enhancement and code maintenance)

If the committer was not the patch author, I used the patch author (if
that was given in the commit message).

Disclaimer: In many cases I am neither qualified nor do I feel
comfortable deciding about significance of the contributions but I
left out those contributors whose contributions to me were  obviously
not legally significant accoding to
In the list above I would say that Diego and Mans seem like border
cases but I do not want this to become political and appear as if
libav developers are treated with a bias so I left them in.

Attached are the commit logs with some notes, that I took as the basis
for this (I also looked into a few patches of people that are not in
the list to be sure).

Now I don't feel qualified with saying who gets what share of the
money but it is quite obvious that by far the most work has been done
by Michael and if you would ask me for a gut feeling, I would say 80%
should go to him and 20% somewhere else. I'm not sure what the total
now is in terms of money that was offered for relicensing yadif but as
far as I remember it was 7000 offered to Michael by some company +
1500 from my company and I was contacted by someone else off-list who
also told me they would be interested in contributing to this
relicensing financially. I hope an agreement can be reached where
Michael gets his share of the money and all other parties can agree to
either splitting the rest up or having it donated for ffmpeg, although
it will never be completely just. There are probably differences
between the other contributions but saying who gets 50 or a hundred
euro more than someone else, is beyond me.

I hope this helps a bit. Let me know what else I can do to make this
happen an please don't kill me for missing or misjudging anything. I
did it to the best of my knowledge. Sorry that it took so long.


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