[FFmpeg-devel] Vid.stab video stabilization ready for libavfilter

Georg Martius georg.martius at web.de
Fri Feb 22 22:48:23 CET 2013

On Friday 22 February 2013 20:24:09 Andrey Utkin wrote:
> 2013/2/21 Georg Martius <georg.martius at web.de>:
> > How can it become part of ffmpeg?
> > a) the library becomes part of ffmpeg (a subdir in the tree)
> > b) the library stays stand-alone and only the two filter files go into
> > the libavfilter directory.
> IMHO stand-alone development is preferable.
> Your library is quite big (split to quite many files), i don't like
> the idea of adding that many files (and code) to ffmpeg sources for a
> single filter.
> You still develop the lib, it's better for you to commit freely
> (without ffmpeg developers reviewing your changes, as it would be in
> case of incorporation).
Thanks for your opinion - I indeed intend to improve and further develop the 
code and would like to commit rather freely. 
> You'll be able to provide rich set of interface functions to your
> library; in ffmpeg, it would be usable only through standard
> libavfilter API.
> While there are no packages of your lib in distros, the users can
> compile it manually, this process should be straightforward.
Well that is true, but still it would be best if distro's would have my lib as 
a package and that it would be automatically installed if people install 
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