[FFmpeg-devel] [RFC/PATCH] Pass PRIVATE_STREAM_2 MPEG-PS packets to caller

Richard peper03 at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 24 20:31:35 CET 2013

On 18/02/13 07:24, Richard wrote:
> Hi,
> In order to improve DVD playback, I need the DVD NAV packets in-sync
> with the other audio/video/subtitle packets.  The information is stored
> in 'PRIVATE_STREAM_2' MPEG-PS packets (startcode 0x1bf), which are
> currently filtered out.
> The attached patch adds a new codec ID 'AV_CODEC_ID_PRIVATE_STREAM_2' to
> identify these packets.
> The contents of these packets is clear for DVDs but looking at the
> existing code, it appears that Dreamcast videos (Sofdec) also use this
> startcode but for other purposes, so I'm not sure it's feasible to
> create any sort of decoder for these packets.  As it is, the patch
> simply returns the contents of the packet unchanged.  It is up to the
> calling application to process the contents.
> All comments welcome.

Any comments on this?

After more testing, I see that the 'new' packets are not quite in sync 
with the audio and video packets due to the buffering performed on those 
packets and not on these data packets, but the packets do at least come 
through, and they come through, at worst, before they are actually 
needed rather than (potentially) afterwards if trying to read them via 
other routes.

Is it necessary/desirable to explicitly give these packets a FOURCC?



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