[FFmpeg-devel] Adding costume image file format support

Yuntao Ou cktao.g at gmail.com
Mon Feb 25 00:18:28 CET 2013

Hi development team,
I am trying to add my own image file format support into ffmpeg. However I
have some troubles.

Here is my image file format definition:
1: Magic number, 4 characters, each character is just one byte: 'U' 'T' 'A'
2: two 32 bits integer indicate image width and height;
3: one 32 bits integer indicate each channel (RGBA) bits. Here I just use 2
bits for each channel. (Maybe this is optional, because I assuming each
pixel simply just one byte, as 4 describe.)
4: pixel array. Each pixel is one byte, has RGBA 4 channel.

I have implemented the codec for my .utah image file, and the whole ffmpeg
can compile. However when I want to do some simple image format conversion,
such as .utah -> .bmp or .bmp-> .utah, I get these error:

If I do .utah->.bmp, it said .utah file size haven't initialize (before
going into my decoder).
If I do .bmp->.utah, it said cannot find suitable format for .utah.

Any help or hints? I will appreciate that.

The attachment contain my codec (utah.c, utahenc.c). utahMake.c is a tiny
program that can generate a .utah file that I describe.

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