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It seems you'd better go to ffmpeg-user group for more information to use

On Mon, Feb 25, 2013 at 10:45 PM, XUE MINGQIANG <xuemingqiang at gmail.com>wrote:

> Hi All,
> I am very new to both streaming and ffmpeg.
> Basically, I want to achieve the following task:
> I have a LAN and a RTSP video source machine. I want to do some CV
> task e.g. face detection, on another machine, and display the result
> in the form of continuous original video stream (with detected faces
> in rectangles) on a client machine in the same LAN. I want to have the
> following design:
> Ideally, each frame of the video stream is labelled with a unique
> sequence number. On the CV-task machine, I select the frames that need
> for face detection, record down its sequence number and coordinates of
> detected faces. Then I forward the (sequence number, coordinates)
> pairs to the client machine. The client machine runs an RTSP client
> and receive stream from the source, but instead of playing the stream
> directly, it temporally stores the received frame in a buffer until it
> receives the (sequence number, coordinates) from the CV-task machine.
> The sequence number is used to find the frame on which the rectangles
> for faces should be put onto. Once the rectangles are added to the
> right frames, the video is read from the buffer and played.
> My questions are as follows:
> 1. Does each frame of a video stream, e.g. the H264 stream contain an
> unique identifier? If so, how to get this unique identifier?
> 2. If such unique identifier does not exist, I am thinking to add a
> proxy machine between the video source and the other machines in the
> network. The proxy server basically read rtsp stream from the source,
> and add unique sequence number to each extracted frame, and then it
> re-stream the video to the other machines. So in this way, each
> machine in the network can see frames with unique IDs.
> Since, I am quite new to video streaming, my questions could be naive.
> Please help me.
> I feel both ffmpeg and live555 need to be used. How about ffserver?
> what's the difference between ffserver and live555 proxy server?
> Thank you.
> Regards
> Mitchell
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