[FFmpeg-devel] ATRAC3+ support

Maxim Polijakowski max_pole at gmx.de
Tue Oct 1 11:34:02 CEST 2013

Hi crews,

I just want to announce that the long-awaited decoder for the ATRAC3+ 
format is finally ready to be released!
In this mail I want to negotiate how to include the code into the FFmpeg 
codebase. I have to mention that the Libav project is already working on 
integrating my code.
Taking in account the whole FFmpeg-Libav fork situation, I want to stay 
neutral and would like to contribute to the FFmpeg project as well so 
everyone can benefit from my work.

Moreover, it is important to have a working ATRAC3+ decoder in FFmpeg 
because several emulation projects like PPSSPP still rely on the FFmpeg API.

Therefore, I wonder how do we proceed.

1) I could provide FFmpeg with appropriate patches. Considering Libav is 
currently working on the same code, this approach has the following 
---> duplicating and possibly controversal reviews on both FFmpeg/Libav 
---> duplicated work on fixing things
---> both projects will end up having different code

Taking in consideration the huge patch size of approx. 5000 code lines 
this will cause alot of additional work.

2) Merging of Libav commits as it has been done for several other 
patches. This way would require less work IMHO but who knows...

Any suggestions?
Best regards

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