[FFmpeg-devel] Add version numbers information for Windows binaries

Gianluigi Tiesi mplayer at netfarm.it
Thu Oct 17 23:51:38 CEST 2013

On Thu, Oct 17, 2013 at 04:06:01PM -0300, James Almer wrote:
> On 17/10/13 9:39 AM, Michael Niedermayer wrote:
> > On Wed, Oct 16, 2013 at 05:59:20PM -0700, Timothy Gu wrote:
> >> Sherpya has already done it.
> >> https://github.com/sherpya/FFmpeg/commit/558e29b7c2dd609c3525f4cf78cc9af2aab1dea0
> > 
> > interresting, and it looks simpler than the old patch
> > anyone wants to test & submit it here ?
> > "VALUE "SpecialBuild"" would need to be removed and the line endings
> > dont look correct for git.
> > also iam not sure about the icons
> > 
> > also CCing sherpya
> This one only adds resource metadata to the exe, and it doesn't work in out-of-tree 
> builds (Although i suppose it shouldn't be hard to fix).
> My version only added resource metadata for the shared libraries (Didn't bother 
> with the exe since i didn't have an icon for it), but worked in out-of-tree builds 
> last time i tried it, and is also configurable.
> The difference in complexity is basically the fact mine makes windres behave like 
> other tools from binutils (Adding its own BRIEF tag and letting the user choose the 
> path), and supports the libraries by adding a new subdir variable for shared lib
> objects (Maybe this can be changed to reduce bloat).
> All this aside, some fields' values need to be discussed. Like LegalCopyright, or
> CompanyName (The latter if it makes sense using).

The official logo is here:

I've used some icons from lila theme so they may be unsuitable.
I'm not sure about fields, but I suggest to leave SpecialBuild
for binary builds like mine


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