[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] ATRAC3+ decoder, 2nd try

Maxim Polijakowski max_pole at gmx.de
Sat Oct 19 00:37:07 CEST 2013

Hello guys,

due to a bunch of comments and fixes I've decided to start a new thread. 
Please find attached an updated patch.

Below a detailed overview of what has been changed:

--> init_get_bits has been replaced with init_get_bits8
--> Fixed a memleak caused by allocation of ch_units
--> Added several missing static const
--> VLC tables have been made static. There is no dynamic allocation and 
deallocation anymore
--> Loops simplifications and some other minor code refractions
--> Several "delta = (delta_bits ? get_bits(gb, delta_bits) : 0)" have 
been made a macro
--> Added several safety checks before reading from bitstream
--> decode_frame now returns avpkt->size instead of avctx->block_align
--> replace amp_mant_table with direct computation
--> AVFloatDSPContext has been moved to the decoder context
--> Several decoding tables have been aligned to be SIMD-friendly
--> IMDCT windowing have been reworked to use ff_sine_64 directly
--> Replace several loops with float vector operations
--> Fix a bug causing random decoder crashes
--> better support for mono samples coming form PSP

Best regards
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