[FFmpeg-devel] Yadif relicensing to LGPL

Robert Krüger krueger at lesspain.de
Mon Oct 28 18:46:06 CET 2013

Hi again,

I made a mistake that was pointed out to me and I would like to
correct it. Please excuse the inconvenience.

On Mon, Oct 28, 2013 at 12:19 PM, Robert Krüger <krueger at lesspain.de> wrote:
> Hi,
> it has taken a while but this is now the proposal for the relicensing
> of the filter yadif from GPL to LGPL:
> There are a number of sponsors which have offered money for the
> relicensing, in total 18075 Euro.
> Michael has asked me to come up with a suggestion for the money split
> and procedures and this is it:
> 7000 Euro are paid to Michael directly
> Loren Merrit, Daniel Kang, James Darnley and Baptiste Coudurier
> receive 1500 Euro each if they approve and their code is used.

Add to that list Anton Khirnov as his contribution is definitely in
the same league AFAICT and just because he was so nice to immediately
agree without conditions I didn't check his commits thoroughly enough.
My mistake. I apologize to Anton, It was negligence not intention and
least of all politics.

Btw. it was not Anton who pointed me to that.

> The remaining 5075 Euro are given to the project via an SPI donation,

That would make that 3575.

> so it can be used to cover travel expenses, hardware etc..
> The sponsors will commit to paying the money in an email to Michael
> and me, provided the relicensing of yadif with at least its current
> functionality and quality happens before the end of the year.
> Payment will happen upon relicensing.
> All contributors are again asked to give their approval to a
> relicensing. Only the ones who already gave their approval without
> conditions and have not contributed more code since then theoretically
> do not need to approve again but it would still be nicer if they did.
> The ones who answered to my email by saying something like “I’m OK
> with relicensing depending on the conditions” need to reply stating if
> the conditions described here are OK for them.
> Once we know, how many contributors do not approve, someone needs to
> decide, if the relicensing makes sense. First of all, Michael will
> probably have to agree to replace the parts of non-approving
> contributors. How the final decision is then made, is for the project
> to decide (discussion on ffmpeg-devel?).
> To fulfill all requirements by sponsors regarding invoices and to not
> have everyone split their payments, my company will act as a trustee
> for a part of the money (11075 Euro) and collect it from the other
> sponsors and then split it up to pay to SPI and the individual
> developers except Michael who will receive his part directly from one
> sponsor as the amount happens to be a perfect match. We have not found
> an easier way to achieve this because of tax and VAT regulations (my
> initial suggestion was to have Michael serve as the trustee).
> If someone disagrees with the way the money is split, please speak up
> now. I tried to fulfill the following goals:
> - Reflect the fact that yadif is mostly Michael's code and work
> - Make sure the project as a whole benefits significantly (IMHO, since
> Michael's working on FFmpeg full-time, I think one has to count his
> share as the project's benefit as well)
> - Fulfill conditions by individual contributors with larger contributions
> - Keep it simple
> - Make it as fair as possible
> The last point is of course never really possible and don't bash me
> for misjudging the individual contributions as it is most likely
> because I am not qualified enough to differentiate/evaluate them
> properly. I just hope everyone looks at this and does not feel treated
> too unfairly, thinks it is good for the project and can live with it.
> Let me also add that, should we make this too complicated, e.g. by
> delaying the whole thing because of endless discussions, there is a
> very concrete possibility none of the money will ever reach the
> project because sponsors might look for alternatives and make the
> whole thing fall apart. It was not easy to get everyone to agree to
> such a pragmatic "uncorporate" approach to a thing like this.
> I have put all yadif contributors on cc of whom I do not know that
> they are subscribed to ffmpeg-devel.
> People who have yadif commits (including mplayer before the port to
> ffmpeg, ffmpeg and merges from libav) and are asked to agree:
> Michael Niedermayer
> Baptiste Coudurier
> Stefano Sabatini
> Mans Rullgard
> Aurelien Jacobs
> Anton Khirnov
> Reimar Döffinger
> Luca Barbato
> Clément Bœsch
> Diego Biurrun
> Nicolas George
> Carl Eugen Hoyos
> Uoti Urpala
> Loren Merritt
> Tim Woj
> Ivan Kalvachev
> Joakim Plate
> İsmail Dönmez
> James Darnley
> Daniel Kang
> Paul B Mahol
> I would be grateful for an independent check of this list.
> Regards,
> Robert



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