[FFmpeg-devel] Parallelization of FFmpeg

David Ison paralleldev at dtison.net
Sun Dec 28 05:17:00 CET 2014

It was necessary to change the email subscription, because I had used to subscribe was an alias.

> The vc1 decoder could need frame parallelization.
> That being said, what normally happens is that
> you decide on which part of FFmpeg you would
> like to work on and start sending patches. In
> theory, this can lead to duplicated work but in
> reality this does not happen very often afaict.
> (And I suspect parallelization of vc1 is not
> an easy task.)
> Thank you for any contribution!
Are you referring to the file

libavcodec/vc1.c   ?

I am somewhat new to the idea of sending patches.  Am more familiar with, for example, doing pull requests using github.

If I have questions about getting started, is it ok to put them here?

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