[FFmpeg-devel] Allow interrupt callback for AVCodecContext

Nicolas George george at nsup.org
Mon Jan 6 10:48:18 CET 2014

Le septidi 17 nivôse, an CCXXII, Don Moir a écrit :
> user would probably do something like this if interested:

You think so, but obviously you do not know how much in cost compared to the
actual process of decoding.

Also, I forgot the other kind of cost: the human manpower. Adding the calls
to the callback, checking that they are placed so as to leave the context in
a consistent state without leaks, adding a testing infrastructure so that
they stay that way, handling the merge conflicts, etc., is a tremendous
amount of work.

> I did do this and it works but I bring it back up after implementing
> to suggest that it's not without quite abit of cost that seems
> unnecessary. You want to keep it to a minimal of open context so
> saying don't go at without paying attention.

I have read you, and I have already answered that argument: what you demand
is costly, YOU have to pay the price, not everyone using FFmpeg.

> Don't think that would help much.

But you did not test.


  Nicolas George
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