[FFmpeg-devel] FIX - compile error libxavs with ffmpeg-2.1.2.tar.bz2 tarball - FIX

Helmut Tessarek tessarek at evermeet.cx
Tue Jan 14 01:31:01 CET 2014

On 13.01.14 19:10 , Michael Niedermayer wrote:
> this fix was never in 2.1.*  but the commit causing the issue was
> always so i dont think thats a regression within 2.1.*

I'm not quite sure I understand.

I thought you just tagged the head as a release. But the more I think about
it, it rather looks like its own stream. This makes it a bit more complicated
to update and merge.

> Anyway ill push a fix in a moment (its a bit harder than just
> backporting that one above due to regressions it causes otherwise)

Yep, I saw that there are a few commits after that which change var names and
so on in the .mak files.

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