[FFmpeg-devel] FFMpeg Consulting

Brian C. Dilley brian at flipagram.com
Tue Jan 14 01:54:36 CET 2014

    Hello everyone.  I'm looking for an FFMpeg consultant for an up 
coming project.  We're looking for someone to build a small video 
encoding layer\api using FFMpeg with ObjC and Java (iOS and Android) 
bindings.  I noticed that onffmpeg.org <http://ffmpeg.org/>it lists 
Baptiste as a consultant in the Los Angeles area (where we are) but I've 
been unable to get a hold of him as yet.  I was informed by someone in 
the ffmpeg irc channel that this list would be a good place to look - so 
here I am :)  The location of the consultant doesn't matter - but the 
closer to Los Angeles the better.  Thanks!

   If anyone is interesting in learning more please email me directly. 

List admins: (Sorry, i originally sent this email using the wrong email 
address and it was listed as pending admin moderation - please ignore 
that email)

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