[FFmpeg-devel] Patch the Allows trac ticket 3304 to Decode

Jose Santiago santiago at haivision.com
Tue Jan 14 23:56:24 CET 2014

Please see ticket https://trac.ffmpeg.org/ticket/3304 . The HEVC file in 
question can be decoded correctly by the reference HEVC decoder. I can 
make a minor change to hevc_ps.c which allows the bitstream to be 
decoded and even played by ffplay. However, I don't know if this is the 
correct way to fix the issue. Since the reference decoder is able to 
decode the bitstream, it seems to be a bug in the FFMPEG HEVC decoder 
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diff -Naur ffmpeg-orig/libavcodec/hevc_ps.c ffmpeg/libavcodec/hevc_ps.c
--- ffmpeg-orig/libavcodec/hevc_ps.c	2014-01-09 16:47:56.205584000 -0600
+++ ffmpeg/libavcodec/hevc_ps.c	2014-01-14 14:53:33.465076955 -0600
@@ -760,7 +760,7 @@
             ret = AVERROR_INVALIDDATA;
             goto err;
-        if (sps->temporal_layer[i].num_reorder_pics > sps->temporal_layer[i].max_dec_pic_buffering - 1) {
+        if (sps->temporal_layer[i].num_reorder_pics > sps->temporal_layer[i].max_dec_pic_buffering) {
             av_log(s->avctx, AV_LOG_ERROR, "sps_max_num_reorder_pics out of range: %d\n",
             ret = AVERROR_INVALIDDATA;

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