[FFmpeg-devel] Sponsoring and generating money in general (IRC meeting follow-up)

Andrey Utkin andrey.krieger.utkin at gmail.com
Tue Jan 21 00:27:25 CET 2014

2014/1/20 Peter B. <pb at das-werkstatt.com>:
> On 01/20/2014 02:52 PM, Eelco Lempsink wrote:
>> [...] I could not find any information about how that would work exactly and what would be a reasonable bounty (I was worried about offering an insultingly low amount).
> I've also experienced a similar thing in the past.
> That's also what I liked about how Ardour did it: They showed a list of
> "open" bounty issues and the current amount of money offered for each
> one. I don't know how bountysource does it, but I think it could be
> useful and encouraging users to pay.

(Not meaning to be rude at all.)
I think you could somewhat increase visibility of your problem simply
by posting about the issue in maillists, re-asking/upping the topic
time to time to show your interest.

Eelco, i've looked at your issue. My best wishes to you with it,
unfortunately personally i am not keen on Matroska internals and not
having enough time to investigate it in nearest time.
Regarding calculating reasonable bounty amount, i think it may be near
to amount of money (or cost of time) to solve the issue by yourself or
by your employees. This way you definitely mustn't be afraid to offend
anybody :)

Andrey Utkin

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