[FFmpeg-devel] default lock mechanism in libavcodec/utils.c

anshul anshul.ffmpeg at gmail.com
Mon Jan 27 07:55:32 CET 2014


Problem 1:
I just wanted to know whether we really need one lock between all different
codec, for example if I am decoding one h264 and one ogg, does they have 
common resource that we need lock.

can we put the static lock in libavcodec/utils.c  in codec context 

I dont have lots of knowledge of all codecs, but if any one have great 
Idea how to figure out
for the common resources that are shared between different  codec 
context are welcome.

Problem 2:
I came at the locking mecanism, after looking for memory leakage of 
Though it does not effect any single or multithreaded application. and I 
have no idea where
to destroy pthread_mutex in any existing user function.

but If we had any function     avcodec_unregister_all(); or some similar 
thing we could have destroyed
the mutex threre


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