[FFmpeg-devel] Build ffmpeg with opencl for windows using mingw

Ramit Bhalla ramitbhalla at gmail.com
Mon Jan 27 16:49:46 CET 2014


I'm relatively new to building ffmpeg and have been experimenting with
builds using the ffmpeg build scripts at windows-build-helpers.

I'm trying to build ffmpeg with opencl support for windows and am running
into trouble. Before trying to fix the issue I wanted to understand (not
able to get a clear picture after googling this):

1. Can ffmpeg be built for Windows with opencl support?
2. Are the libraries/header files required for building dependent on the
vendor? (e.g. if I use a Intel SDK to build, will it work with AMD or
Nvidia systems or are there vendor independent libraries/headers available?)
3. Where can I get the libraries/headers required to build opencl support
(I'm adding --enable-opencl to the build flags)


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