[FFmpeg-devel] Build ffmpeg with opencl for windows using mingw

Lukasz M lukasz.m.luki at gmail.com
Tue Jan 28 15:50:25 CET 2014

On 28 January 2014 15:27, Ramit Bhalla <ramitbhalla at gmail.com> wrote:

> > I'm trying to build ffmpeg with opencl support for windows and am
> running into trouble. Before trying to fix the issue I wanted to understand
> (not able to get a clear picture after googling this):
> >
> > 1. Can ffmpeg be built for Windows with opencl support?
> > 2. Are the libraries/header files required for building dependent on the
> vendor? (e.g. if I use a Intel SDK to build, will it work with AMD or
> Nvidia systems or are there vendor independent libraries/headers available?)
> > 3. Where can I get the libraries/headers required to build opencl
> support (I'm adding --enable-opencl to the build flags)
> >
> Did I send this to the right mailing list?

Probably not,
I don't know answers to your questions, but you haven't specify what is the
problem exactly. configure fails? building fails? linking fails? fails at
And are you using mingw, cygwin, VS?
What is the output?

reading configure I can say you need CL/cl.h header at version at least 1.2
and libOpenCL
you may need to pass cflags to configure with paths for headers and ldflags
with paths for libs

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