[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] Added an Adobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming (HDS) demuxer

Ed Torbett ed.torbett at simulation-systems.co.uk
Wed Jan 29 11:49:00 CET 2014

> apply in other cases).  This can be fixed by changing the conditional part
> "fragment > segment_entry->fragments_per_segment" to "fragment >
> (fragment_entry->first_fragment + segment_entry->fragments_per_segment)".

Had a thought on this one. This will only work when fragment_entry is the only entry in the fragment table. Otherwise fragment_entry->first_fragment will be the wrong number sometimes.

In this case fragment_entry->first_fragment should probably be replaced with abst->fragment_run_table_boxes[0]-> fragment_run_entries[0]->first_fragment (i.e. the fragment number of the first fragment entry). I'm not sure if this takes the selected segment (if any) into account though.


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