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> Edit B wrote:
> > FFmpeg takes time to startup, and that time is not always the same. 
> > (Between
> > some 200 and 450 Msecs on my system)
> > Thus, by feeding a TC in the commandline, it's impossible to get a 
> > correct
> > timestamp on output when encoding a live stream, as by the time FFmpeg 
> > has
> > the first frame to work on, a couple of frames have already passed.
> > My case is to record from several inputs at the same time, and i need
> > matching TC on all streams (Thus, NOT the same start TC value on all, as 
> > the
> > streams never start at exactly the same time.).
> Just an idea ...  Would it help to provide a "wait" option?
> In other words, you specify a timestamp on the command line
> that is in the near future (a minute or just a few seconds
> ahead), and that "wait" option would instruct ffmpeg to wait
> until the local system clock actually reaches that timestamp,
> right before starting the recording.

Great! I think that would do the trick just fine!
Interested in implementing it? (And if so, please send me a 64 bits binary 
for Windows, as I can't compile for Win...)
It's easy for me to test if it will work, not sure how much work it will be 
for you to make a quick and dirty testversion...

Contact me off-list if you like.


> I'm just asking because that would be quite easy to implement,
> as far as I can tell.
> Best regards
>   Oliver
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