[FFmpeg-devel] Anyone needs HW or other things that require money, please open a ticket on trac

Christophe Gisquet christophe.gisquet at gmail.com
Tue May 13 15:59:15 CEST 2014


2014-05-13 2:21 GMT+02:00 Michael Niedermayer <michaelni at gmx.at>:
> Does that mean everyone already has a 1024 CPU machine

While on the topic of the CPU, people more or less available have
provided access to various hardware.

The main issue is probably with the person(s) having to maintain the
computer(s), but it would be nice if:
- a computer/device was available for people to develop for newer CPUs
(I'm thinking avx/avx2/aarch64)
- computers with limited insn sets were available for testing said
insn sets (think of all the SSE-only failures)

Maybe I'm deluded in thinking that some hardware vendors may even
sponsor the relevant hardware.

Anyway, I don't /need/ it, and I wouldn't be the aforementioned
maintainer, but maybe there are people more involved than I in ffmpeg
development that find this relevant.


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