[FFmpeg-devel] New FATE Server Based on Node.js

Timothy Gu timothygu99 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 2 06:33:17 CET 2014

Hi all,

## Background

For the past few weeks I have taken the liberty of learning Node.js. The
inefficient godly Perl CGI code of fateserver obviously served as a
non-example during my learning process. In the end, I decided to rewrite
fateserver in asynchronous Javascript with Express.js and EJS. The result
is much better in all perspectives: easier-to-read templates, clean routing
code, and most importantly, it is much faster than I have previously

## Changes from the Perl CGI fateserver

I have restyled the history and result pages to be a little bit more
mobile-friendly and modern.

The `summary` files are now stored in JSON format, although support for the
older colon-separated format is also written.

The URL scheme is now changed to:


although the old `.cgi?slot=` scheme is still supported.

## To-Dos

Nevertheless, this is still an WIP. I have written history, results, and
log pages, but not yet the index page. There might be bugs I have not
discovered. The source is covered with redundant file existence checks that
can be eliminated after the server is finished.

I also want to add branch support.

## Demos and Benchmarks

A demo is up on Feel
free to click on the report buttons.

A preliminary benchmark (versusing the old fateserver) is available on
The results page has gone through some serious scripting so the performance
gain is not as significant as the history page, but still sweet.

A quick gallery is on https://gist.github.com/TimothyGu/fcc5b5f9fb34303a6420

## The Sources


## Looking Forward

All comments, patches, suggestions are welcome. Bug reports are welcome
too, but preferably on the GitHub bug tracker.


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