[FFmpeg-devel] [PATCH] Enable mpcodecs without needing inline asm

Matt Oliver protogonoi at gmail.com
Wed Nov 5 08:06:42 CET 2014

Currently the extra filters provided by mpcodecs require inline asm support
to compile. However these filters all provide non-asm alternatives that can
be used with the correct pre-processor guard.

Based on some recent discussions it appears that some of these filters are
still used but with the requirement for inline asm they cannot be used with
certain compilers (such as msvc). So while people still use/need these
filters i thought id make them available for msvc users.

The mpcodec filters use pre-processor defines such as HAVE_MMX for inline
asm, given both mplayer and ffmpeg have a HAVE_MMX_INLINE define specific
for inline asm then the preprocessors can be changed to the _INLINE
variants which makes inline asm code compile as appropriate.

This patch has 2 parts, the first changes the pre-processors in mpcodecs to
use the _INLINE variants. Logically this would appear to be the correct
pre-processor for inline asm to begin with, if anyone knows of why the
_INLINE variants werent/shouldnt be used then feel free to let me know.

The mpcodec patch will have to be pushed to upstream but assuming
everything is ok then the second patch just updates ffmpegs configure to
allow the mpcodecs filters without requiring inline asm.
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