[FFmpeg-devel] Bypass video H264 IP UDP Multicast over FLV RTMP

Dang Duc Hung ddhung at vasc.com.vn
Wed Nov 5 09:36:56 CET 2014


I’m using FFmpeg to convert UDP video to RTMP like that

ffmpeg -i "udp://x.x.x.x:xxx -vcodec copy -acodec aac -strict -2 -b:a 32k -ac 1 -ar 32000 -f flv "rtmp://x.x.x.x/ app=testtv playpath=high"

And then convert RTMP output to HLS by Server

But when I use VLC player or other player to play link HLS, I only hear audio don’t see Video. 

Please give me some advise.


Best Regards

Đặng Đức Hưng


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