[FFmpeg-devel] Move ffmpeg to WinRT

Matt Oliver protogonoi at gmail.com
Mon Nov 17 12:11:37 CET 2014

On 17 November 2014 21:02, Jesse Jiang <jessejiang0214 at outlook.com> wrote:

> Hi All,
> I want to move ffmpeg to WinRT platform, like Windows Store and Windows
> Phone. As the GCC cannot compiler to ARM-COFF, so I convert the GNU-style
> assembly codes to ARM-style codes. Also the codes are open-sourced, here
> https://github.com/qyljcy/FFmpeg
> Now this project can be compiled, but I didn't know if the assembly codes
> work well.
> I want to know, if there is any test project to test the function like
> ff_ps_add_squares_neon, ect. As the WinRT platform is different from win32
> or linux, so I need to test them one by one.
> I hope someone can help me, or work together.
> Thanks very much
> Best regards,Jesse

Have you had a look through the tests provided by FFmpegs FATE (
Also I noticed you converted the GNU arm assembly and created new code
files. What is the syntax difference between the 2? i.e. what had to be
changed. As it might be possible to just add some pre-processor macros to
allow the existing code to compile under the windows arm compiler. That way
2 different source files dont need to be maintained for the exact same code.

As of Windows 10, WinRT is deprecated, so it's kind of a waste of time dude

Without getting into how (not so)well the Windows RT tablets sold, but
Windows 10 apparently has a ARM build coming later next year and on
winphones ARM will be supported for a while. So windows on arm (previously
Windows RT) is not entirely dead. That said the windows run-time (WinRT) is
still used for apps in the metro store and is a focus of windows 10 as they
are unifying the app store across devices (pc,phone,xbox). So from a dev
point of view people really need to differentiate between Windows RT and
WinRT in discussions ;).
So from what I can tell Jesse is trying to support both arm under the
windows compiler and then then Windows store. Either of which could be
useful for ffmpeg on windows phone and for distributing apps in the windows
store (although win store support is a whole can of worms!).

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