[FFmpeg-devel] bprint.h can't be included in C++ code

Vadim Kalinsky vadim at kalinsky.ru
Mon Nov 24 17:20:25 CET 2014

> Nit: space after commas.

> Is it necessary to typedef the structure on top of declaring it? In C, this: {...} is legal, no need to typedef it.

> Apart from that, I think the helper structure should be scoped in the ff_namespace

> Nit: no empty line between doxy and declaration.

Patch attached.

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> And I wonder: does Doxygen understand the resulting construct?

I guess that (not good) behaviour is not changed.

BTW, isn't the whole stuff slightly over-engineered? Why is "binary compatibility" needed (and with what?).
Wouldn't it be easier in terms of compatibility, readability and doxygenability to define simple C structure?

struct AVBPrint {
    char *str;         /**< string so far */
    unsigned len;      /**< length so far */
    unsigned size;     /**< allocated memory */
    unsigned size_max; /**< maximum allocated memory */
    char reserved_internal_buffer[1024];

Vadim Kalinsky

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